Anabioz new album is available for order SoundAge prod.


April 16 - Alkonost, Ruyan, Anabioz (Ufa, "Rock's Cafe")


February 17 at "Folk Metal Fest" (Moscow, "Little Rock")


This week, the drums for the new album were recorded. Recording took place at the rehearsal studio under the strict guidance of Andrew Snidze. Great thanks to him! And thanks to Ruslan Rudenko for drums.


Welcome to the new site of Anabioz! Site design and the upcoming album made ​​Al.Ex {project MaYhem design}.


March 2 was a performance of young bands rehearsing in DDiYuT. The same group had been invited Orgasmic Victim, Anabioz, NeverDie. The concert was held in the auditorium DDiYuT (Oktyabrsky).


March 4 Anabioz speak at the opening of Arkona in Izhevsk.
March 18 Anabioz perform in Istanbul (Turkey) with a local group Gürz.
March 25 at the festival Anabioz Folk Fest (Ufa, RK "The lights of Ufa")