There The Sun Falls [2014]


1. When Death Is Watching Me
2. Солнцеворот
3. Путь Во Тьме
4. Dance, Dance
5. Оберег
6. The Maid That Sold Her Barley
7. Under The Alien Sky
8. This Golden Drink
9. There The Sun Falls

Olga "Helga" - vocal, violin
Anton "JaZzZ" - vocal, guitar
Damir "Mystic" - guitar
Alexey "Alexis" - bass
Alexander "Posox" - drums

A third Anabioz album - "There the sun falls" - a heavy, vigorous and impressive folk - metal in all its glory. Speed, melodic and groovy album will appeal to all fans of celtic and slavonic folk. Traditional abundance of beautiful violin melodies, powerful rhythm - section, the characteristic combination of fierce growls and clean female vocals, drive and energy in every song - all this will make your feet to dance, and hands - to reach for the mug of foaming cold beer!